Gynecology results by Oncothermia

Csejtei A. Lorencz P.

Markusovszky Hospital , Department of Oncoradiology, Szombathely, Hungary

Background: :Learning from the widely published literature we started to treat our gynecology patients who were eligible for Oncothermia to treat in harmony with brachy- chemo- and external radio-therapies. Our aim was in this article to report our observations and results.

Method: We had offered for the eligible patients receiving complementary Oncothermia to their standard treatment protocols. In the actual circumstances and financial conditions, we were able to recruit 80 patients for this study. Most of the patients were treated by standard after-loading brachy-therapy or in some cases additionally by external radiotherapy as well. Patients had pathologically proven diseases, and evaluated as eligible for these treatments despite of their inoperable stage. The inoperable category contained the patients predicted unsuccessful resection or having contradicting morbidities or contraindicated by anesthesiology reasons. Oncothermia was applied after the brachy-therapy or 20 minutes before the external radiotherapy. Patients receiving curative (non-palliative) care received their treatments two times a week before the external radiation, or in some cases promptly after the chemotherapy.

Results: Oncothermia had accelerated the historically expected curative processes, as well as the side effects of the standard therapies were suppressed in most of the cases.

Conclusion: Compared to the gold-standard radiotherapies, the result could be obtained queicker in gynecological cases by complementary application of Oncothermia. The results were accompanied with better quality of life.