Large field electrodes in the treatment with local-regional hyperthermia

Joseph Brenner M.D

Dept of Oncology/ Wolfson Hospital/Holon/Israel and "New-Hope" medical center in Tel-Aviv/Israel

Local-regional hyperthermia devices are using round treatment electrodes with different sizes up to 30 cm in diameter. Unfortunately in many patients 30 cm diameter electrodes do not cover all tumors areas in the body. Trying to overcome this problem, many patients are treated with 2 or even 3 fields at any session doubling the treatment time by a factor of 2 or 3. In addition, the round electrodes do not allow a complete cover of the treatment field.

With the new EHY-3000 device by Oncotherm this problem was completely disappeared. The electrodes can be square or rectangular, their size can be variable, they are flat electrodes so they can be fitted to the different body surface shapes and they are light so they do not cause any pressure and discomfort to the patients.

In the 15 months we have treated many patients with electrodes size between 15X15 cm to 30X30 cm. 40X40 cm, 50X40cm, 50X50cm, 60X40cm, 75X50cm and many other treatments sizes electrodes.

Treatment was well tolerated without any major side-effects such as burning sensations, pains, organ damage and more.

Treatment results were excellent and were even superior to these of the older devices such as EHY-2000.

The EHY-3000 allows us to perform a "Whole-body hyperthermia" with local-regional device. In such cases, the hyperthermia electrode will cover disease from the neck to the hips. This will spare the long treatment's hours, the need for general anesthesia sometimes and the life threatening risks of the treatments with "Whole-body hyperthermia"

In addition, the adaptability of the electrodes to the treatment's surface make treatments to areas such as head and neck areas much more feasible and effective.

Case report will be presented